Is there a problem with us or am imagining it?

I've been dating a guy for just over a month. Everything seemed to be going really well, we chat every day almost, we have a great time. But we went to the movies for Valintines day , he seemed off with me and I just got a vibe something was up after the movie. He said he needed to get home straight after it and couldn't do coffee. Which isn't like him. I went for the kiss goodbye and he kissed me back and didn't pull away or anything. And said I'll see you soon. Last night he texted me but stopped texting me much earlyer then normal. Am I being paranoid or could there be something up?

He dumped me :(


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  • There may be you can ask but if he doesn't want to talk about it I wouldn't push it too much, he may of just been tired and needed to get home for something.


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  • Maybe something is going on. If this is abnormal for him, maybe you should ask, what's new or something like that.

  • it was prolly valentines day itself influencing his actions.


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