He called me a dissappointment?

Why? Out of the blue he said that, the guy I liked. He said go dissappoint someone else. What did he mean by that? He said it after he made it clear I was almost his girlfriend. He wants me to make the decision instead of him... at of the end of the day who chooses.. the man or the woman? He said i let him go, but he didn't wanted me anyways?


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  • did he ask

    "do you want to be my girlfriend?"


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  • Why should the guy make the decision. I think what is so wrong with our generation is that no one wants to take charge because we are all so afraid of rejection. I think you made him feel rejected and therefore disappointed. When he said you should decide whether you want to be in a relationship or not, that is him actually saying that he want you, but he is unsure of how you feel, and would rather have you decide.

  • Do yourself a favour and keep walking. Dont look back

    He has no interest in you but he didn't have to go to the length of psychological abuse to do it.

    He isn't worth your time or effort. So in a nutshell, he wants out and he isn't into you ,