Why would this girl kiss other guys if she was interested? is kissing not that big of deal?

so this girl has mad out with a lot of guys, like A LOT of guys. she also dates a lot of guys. she's had a lot of boyfriends. she is a virgin though, somehow. anyway, i had no problem with her past whatevers.. and i still don't, until when we were kind of dating and then she started dating this other guy and kissing him and cuttling, even though she still likes me but we were not offically 'together' it kind of bothered me. then we got into a fight and she started dating these other guys and i'm pretty sure she's mad out with a few, i know she has with guys she's met at bars recently. i know she doesn't have feelings for any of them, she supposedly likes me, but i don't know. this put up a red flag - even though we are not offically dating, if you like someone (each other) why do it?

also, in her defence, i never kissed her


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  • I know this kind of chick, got a buddy just like that. Move on, I know you like her, but she's the kind of girl who just likes to have fun, with other guys. You too. But a relationship is NOT what she's looking for, that's why she's had a lot of boyfriends, they've broken up.