I can't find him! What am I doing wrong?

Hey guys I'm mean not to boast but I know I look prettier than most of the girls! Andlel my parents are rich.. But the point over here is that I hate looking beautiful cuz I always attract gold diggers and fuckboys I really wish if I could hide my identity so that I would find the real guy who would love me and who would die for me... I'm 21 years old and people think I'm a spoiled girl cuz I have everything and yes I do have an attitude cox I need to have it but tbh I'm still a virgin and I had never had my first kiss yet... that's because I don't trust guys who ask me out because their only intension is to get into my pants/money (I know this cuz the last guy I was into wanted me to buy him a damn car)... what do you think I should do?


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  • Don't rush love, don't try hard. What kinda activities you like "Comics, food, Animals" meet a guy that that way. They ask about the car it's my parents. Don't flaunt money.

    Not all men want money or sex. Some want to fall in love have someone to stay up late discussing this weeks comics or making a mess in the kitchen trying to bake.

    Don't rush anything with people of you want to just talk for 6 money then he should understand, if he likes you he will wait.

    • Make them pay for meals, do cheap dates walk around the mall, go for walks, pick apples/fruit all easy stuff that you get to know the guy and if they ask for anything just say no. There plenty of fish in the see.

      Do what I'm doing and talk to a fast food worker, cute and I get tons of free Taco Bell.

    • Well its like I'm not allowed to go to places like that cuz I've got security and all :3 and nor am I allowed to date random boys or to go to places like that

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  • Maybe just pretend you are struggling model and eliminate money out of the equation. You can also tell from the type of convos you have with guys. If they keep talking about high end products like cars or whatever then you know they like that kind of thing. If they talk more about the simple things and are just down to earth then you know that they dont really care about money so much.

  • basing future choices in men on past experiences is like saying all Muslims are terrorists. it's silly and will put you in a self imposed prison.

  • Avoid guys who are too confident and have this "sup girl, you lookin good" style. Just find someone that's nice and has a good sense of humor and makes you feel good about yourself. That's how I do it, and I'm a decent guy.


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