Why is tinder so crappy?

Seriously, it was all good until I turned 18, now that I'm in adult tinder I get no fucking matches whatsoever whereas I had about two hundred before. Man fuck tinder, seriously. It's only worth having if you're some bearded 10/10 white dude, otherwise, it's a waste of fucking time. Just like real world dating.


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  • Tinder is for hookups (mostly) and girls only want to have sex with you if there's no chance for repercussions. When you were a minor, you weren't considered a "real" person yet. You didn't have a life outside of high school, so if some college girl hooks up with you, who will know? What could possibly happen? Who would believe? Also, some girls like having sex with younger guys because it gives them a sense of power.

    Now that you're an adult, you have a more serious life. Thus, all your interactions with people are now serious. High school doesn't involve such issues. So the women see you as a liability now and your "aww he can't even vote yet, so cute!" dogma is gone.

  • Well online dating is for people who suck at it, get off your ass and go pick up girls in real life

    • First off, you look like a seal, brah, second, I go to an all guy's school

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