FAIR TRADE? Guys become a lot less superficial if women become a lot less passive?

I was thinking of changes entire genders could make that would make themsevles happier overall.

I think if guys stopped putting beauty on high they would be happier overall because they would be motivated more by the things which actually make them happy like how the girl treats them. They'd probably get a lot more girls overall as well.

Girls who approach guys (i'm not really open to a girl approaching me but it has happened occasionally) tend to not have "being tricked" as a reason it doesn't work out. Girls could eliminate a lot of bad intentioned guys because a guy can't have intentions if he's the one approached. You're also changing the market of guys you date to not highly highly favor outgoingness as the number one factor in overall success for men it would also be about positive traits displayed in a public setting that got the girl's attention like i don't know being really intelligent, being nice to strangers, being very talented. even a artist with godlike skills who is shy isn't going to do but as well as large percentage of a very small number of girls he feels ok approaching.

These seem trivial but if you think about it they'd actually be revolutions in dating that i think may make everyone happier overall. I'm not talking about switching rules, I'm saying lets look at what the other gender does really well--guys take initiative and create the dating life that they want even if they don't always get it perfectly and girls tend to look for the depth of a guy past any one single trait he has.



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  • There's the saying "don't judge a book by its cover" - but what if you're in a shop and you need to make a decision right now? You absolutely have to make a quick decision based on the cover and quick overview!

    That why I don't think it's superficial to go for looks first - how else are you supposed to know if the person is worth pursuing further?