Is this a weird thing to do?

My boyfriend and i have been dating a year. We are both 24. His sister is 27 and she is having car issues so sometimes we pick her up and i am already in the car and ahe automatically goes for the front seat which i found odd. When I am hanging out with a close friend and even if im in the car first i always jump in the back to let their SO sit in the front. I always thought that the nod goes to the partner for the front seat unless of course the person isn't able bodied or significantly older or like his mom or grandma or someone like that then obviously they got the front seat. But for peers such as close friends family i thought naturally they go in the back and the SO goes in the front. Aren't we supposed to be number one female once you are seriously dating looking to settle down again except for like his mother or something. All my friends and family thought it was odd too


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  • You're reading too much into this.
    It's just a seat, and that's his sister...

    • Right but im his girlfriend. I dont always wanna come as the second female you know. It would be different if she were sitting there first but i was and she physically comes over and doesn't say anything and expects me to actually move out of my seat that i was already sitting in. It would be different if she were already sitting in the front then of course i would get in the back. But it seems like she cares more than mr because she is the one kicking me out of the seat that i was already in

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    • No 4 doors

    • Then lock your door, and tell her the back door is open... you're making so complicated.

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  • It's just a seat. And by your logic, she's older so maybe that's why she feels like you should move to the back. You're like pissing on a tree over a seat lol.

    • By 3 years thats nothing and no im not lol i have friends who are older by me then 5 years and if they are already in the front then i get in the back like a normal person NBD. I just find its odd that when someone is already sitting in the front to back them get out and move when they are already there. I would totally agree with u that i would be overreacting if we were both walking to the car and she got in the front seat and i got pissy about it but to me its rude to make someone get out of a seat they are already sitting in. I think everyone is clearly missing that part of my post. I guarantee that if the roles were reversed and i were the one making his sister get in the back seat everyone on here would lose their minds saying how rude i was.

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    • There are plenty of people who never get married. My parents being one of them. Together 26 years and going strong. So yeah

    • That's great. Like I said in the beginning, it's just a seat.

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  • Lol it doesn't matter... This is why guys say girls over think. Who cares if she is in the front seat. Maybe she doesn't like you? Or maybe she just wanted to sit in the front seat? Honestly maybe it is a bit weird to you but I wouldn't bring it up anymore. And lolll there are no rules as to who gets the front seat... Just for future reference lol

    • Well maybe i want the front seat i am his girlfriend after all you know. Besides i think you are clearly missing the part in my post where i state that i am already sitting there when she basically kicks me out by going for the front door instead of automatically going to the back when u see someone is already sitting in the front seat. I dunno about you but if im with friends family or whatever and i see someone is already in the front seat inkisy head for thr back its literally NBD

    • Hmm.. Well if she kicked you out. I wouldn't have moved😂 next time dont. But I just dont think it was worth talking to with friends and family BC it would make this small thing even bigger. But it does seem rude if you were already there but next time dont move lol. Simple as that

  • I think it's weird you care so much, it's like you think it's important or some kind of animalistic Alpha/Beta thing... well, it isn't LIKE that, it IS that!

    • Im not the one who cares she is. I was already in the front seat when she decides to come to the car and basically kick me to the back of the car. If she was sitting there first then of course i would automatically go to the back. I think everyone is missing the point that i am already in the front seat when she goes for it. Its not like we are walking to the car at the same time and im mad she gets to the front first or something. And besides naturally couples would sit next to each other before siblings would. If i was picking up my older brother i would find it odd that he would expect my own boyfriend to sit in the back over him.

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    • Yeah im referring to friends and family. So you would make your own boyfriend sit in the back seat? Err why

    • I have a headache, I don't really care it's just a fucking car seat...

  • It's only his sister but I'm with you on this one.

    • Thank you! Someone sees what im saying

    • Yes even my 80 yr old mother will climb into the back seat unless you insist she rides in the front.