Please help!! If someone says "you will always mean something to me because of our history together" what does that mean?

we dated for 2.5 years and broke up 9 months ago and he just said that to me about a month ago. he also said that we could continue hanging out as long as it didn't make me sad because he didn't want me to be upset when we both had to go back to school and couldnt keep seeing each other. when we hang out in person he treats me as if I am his girlfriend still (kisses, cuddles, hugs, says im cute, etc) however, he says he doesn't have any feelings for me. he says he still cares about me as a person. im so confused?


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  • He values you and the time you had together but, regardless, he's moving forward, in a opposite direction.

    • will he want to be with me again in the future?

    • Considering the amount of affection he gives you when you are together, it's possible.

    • thanks!

  • it means we'll always be good friends

    • is there a chance he'll want to get back together?

    • possibly, wouldn't count on it though.

      the only time he would consider that is if he saw you become greater than what you are now.

    • thank you:)

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