After a great date full of hugs, promises and kisses, she deleted me from Facebook. What's going on?

We had two drinks, we talked about us, we kissed, we hugged each other, but then boom. She has uploaded a check-in without mentioning my name-I like it that way, until we are in a relationship. I liked this post when I got home. Then, I clicked on her profile to see if she had uploaded a video from the concert and I saw that she had deleted me! I messaged her asking why and she told me that she hadn't deleted me. I slept believing her claim. When I woke up, I was still out of her friend list. What's going on?


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  • Guess she doesn't like to get involved with u in the future.
    Or she didn't notice that she deleted you accidentally. (although not likely)
    All u can do is wait for her to add u back, if she wants u she will. If she doesn't, then it's her lost.

    • I asked her. She told me that she hadn't deleted me. If she wanted to quit, she wouldn't have answered, right?

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