How long would you travel for someone you just met in NY?

I recently met a girl who broke up with her baby daddy in Oct. she seems to still have drama with him, and is still hanging with the guys sister and mom, because she belives that she doesn't have to stop hanging out with them, and that those are her childs family too. I didn't mind that, at least she was honest. She still has drama with the father and always complaining to me about the issues, which is very annoying at times.
The problem is our work schedules and distance. She live in Queens NY, and I live in Manhattan NY. I work from 7am to 4pm, sometimes 6 or 7pm. She works 2pm to almost 12 at night. The days I'm off she's working, and the days she has off I'm working. We managed to meet a few times after she got out of work and it was super late. To get to wear she lives by train in ny is about 1hr and 20 minutes depending on how MTA is running.
In NYC public transportation is very annoying and sometimes delay. To me, I don't know what to do. She says she's very accommodating, but how if we have different schedules and distance and can't agree on a day to hang due to time, her daughter, and work schedules.


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  • I use the MTA and therefore live in NYC as well but don't dedicate that much time for someone, especially if you just met them; for transportation alone.

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