Interest is loosing on her side, How can I regain it?

I met this girl a couples months ago. At first I was not interested at all, she used to text me and showed signs of interest all the time. As time went by I started to enjoy talking to her so we went out. At the third date we kissed outside of her house, nothing hardcore or sexual. By the next date she was acting weird so I asked what was bugging her. She told me we were going too fast (which in my opinion is not fast at all), that she ain't no easy girl and started talking about how she takes a long time in order to have a boyfriend and how in her opinion what easy comes easy goes. After that, we text each other even less, sometimes I even get neutral to negative responses (not always though, mostly postive) but she is showing even less interest in my stuff and my life as days pass by.

This was one week ago, what do you guys think, Am I still in good shape? Is it possible to regain her attetion as It used to be or should I just move on?


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  • DO NOT try to contact her in any way. the fact that she tried to say that there is a possibility for you guys to be together in the future means thta you should wait for her to tell you when the time is right. Any other discussion after that might actually make her reconsider that and eliminate you as one of her options.