I left because I thought he wouldn't commit and then he commit to someone else?

Dated a guy who I really liked for months but during the time we dated he "cheated." There were flaky things going on which I didn't like so in the end I left him. I was happy about my decision but I have to admit it was hard leaving someone you are in love with. Not so long after he got into a relationship and they seem very happy together, I was so shocked! He spoils her etc.. I never thought he would commit and turns out he wanted to commit to me but he didn't think I wanted to since I left and everyone is saying what an amazing guy he is. He cheated? Seriously? I feel so confused and do regret my decision when I see them together everywhere now, I have to admit I'm a little hurt and jealous but do you get my point. It's like I left him and then he turns into a great guy.


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  • First of all, love, stop torturing yourself with images of him and his new life. That literately serves no advantageous, healthy purpose at all. How are you supposed to move forward when you are mentally stuck in reverse because your mind is on a part of your past? You won't. :/ Don't do that to yourself. Disconnect from whatever spaces where you can have a peephole into his new romance. If there's a tricky situation then let me know and lets find a solution.

    Secondly, the odds are that he's not living this picture perfect fairytale you envision. And even if he is, it's only a matter of time before life comes along and wrecks that ish like a Miley Cyrus song. 😐 I hate to be pessimistic but usually when life and romance is that perfect, someone gets Cancer or something disruptive comes up that shatters the illusion of a perfect relationship. For all you know, she may not be the gem you envision her as. You never know... there are lots of beautiful women who break hearts maliciously... she could be one of them. Karma could be working it's process... If its innate for him to be deceitful then that's not going to change. A snake may be charming as hell but he'll still inject your ass with venom and slither around your neck every now and then. Don't fret.

    • Thank you! I see them on social media but I unfollowed him on Instagram. I have been avoiding places I know he will be but it's not fun to be doing that, I want to be confident and not care that they are there. I'm kind of stuck on thinking why he cheated on me but not her and then everyone is saying that he's a great guy.

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    • No biggie :) Life gets busy! I'm glad you're feeling more hopeful and positive about yourself and your future! Try to redirect all of your passion towards improving yourself and creating the absolute best you and life that you can :) When it comes to assholes like that, the single, adventurous life is always going to have more to offer and bring you more smiles than they ever can!

    • Thanks for mho by the way

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  • Yeah, maybe he did changed.
    Maybe you two weren't a good match and are better off without each other.

    Maybe if he were to stay with you, he would have never changed.

    Try to not get jealous or avoid looking at their life.

    Jealousy is a poison better to not dwell on.