Girls, Here me out &&Help. Should I continue trying with this guy?

Let me just start by saying I made a new fb acc as a spare, & this guy from my old one sent me a friend request. I accepted it & her commented hearts under my picture. I replied saying thank you, he came in my inbox & sweet talking flirting etc, I didn't mind at first because he is cute to be honest, & we go to the same school & he was a freshman so I taught it was all an innocent crush on an upperclassman. But if I don't answer in a certain time frame like 5-10 minutes he blows up my phone with emojis & calling me cutie, I didn't mind, but last night I went to sleep because our convo was getting dry. I woke up to 60+ messages, so serious. He is sweet, & a bit funny but he agrees with me on every single thing I don't know if it was a coincidence but apparently I told him that my bestfriend & I wanted to go to Japan, & apparently so does he. My favorite food is a California roll, so was his. He tried to ask me out within two days of texting meπŸ˜’ too soon, & he's kind if a dry texter, & when I didn't respond he still blowing up my phone. I don't really know what to say when I'm just meeting someone for the first time & I told him. Ohkay bare with me... I think he might have Jungle fever πŸ˜– & yes I'm African American. I also have a racial preference, but open to date any race. I'm attracted to Asians, which he is. Anyways I don't know if we should even "talk" like he is attractive & I had a slight crush on him earlier in the year but because of the grade difference (sophomore) I have no classes or no way of talking to him. My bestfriend thinks he's a fuckboy... I have a slight feeling he is too, but he told me how his ex girlfriends would call him boring... starting to see why... Now the phone blowing up stopped which is good, but he overall seems cool, but I have mixed feelings about him now. Should I keep trying to talk to him or stop? Sn: My bestfriend doesn't go to the same school, so she judge him based on his looks


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  • Becareful

    He could be a fuckboy

    But most importantly, I find him a bit desperate. Its one thing to have a "crush" or like someone but 60 messages? Gosh man.

    It could be your looks, or he is seriously horny. Not even F** boys blow up your phone that much. He prob really needs a girlfriend but if you are not into him like that , I dont think you should push it.. Definitely watch him, even as a "Friend"