Do you get a kick out of knowing that a person who likes you is insecure about themselves?

I know this girl that likes me that is insecure, which is funny because I like her a lot.


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  • I think it's ridiculous usually lol cuz in my eyes they're perfect (not just people I like, but people in general).. I'm too nice xd

    • For some reason I makes feel important to her, is that cruel of me? To deeply want her to get jealous and insecure?

    • That's a horrible thing to do.. if you cared about her you wouldn't be doing that shit to her.

    • I do care for her and I don't do it on purpose, she does it on her own, and I do try to make sure she doesn't feel this way, but in a way I do get excited, in a sick way. I'm pretty sure because I'm insecure because it could flop at any moment especially since she excels in almost every thing.

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