Can I trust my girlfriend?

So I've been dating my girlfriend for 7 months now and everything is good she really l loves me and i love her and we spend a lot of time together. (we are both 26.) Recently weve been arguing a good amount because we have been talking about trust. she says she doesn't trust me but I've never gave her a reason not to trust me. she told me she is very insecure and has abandoment issues. I've been amazing to her and im not just saying that i litterally do anything for her. she is my first serious girlfriend and I've always been kind of afraid of losing her so I've always been the best boyfriend possible to her. when she said she doesn't trust me i told her i would let her check anything she needs to check, phone, facebook whatever and im always reassuring her she's the only girl i want to be with. Now keep in mind she doesn't really have anyfriends and get pissed at me if i want to hangout with my friends. even if i spend like 14 days in a row with her shell still get upset when i hang out with my friends.
So there were always a few things that have been on my mind and as of latley i feel i can't really trust her because of things I've seen in the past. 1. I've seen guys texting her phone in the beginning of us dating (we met in early march and started dating in may and i saw texts all the way up unitl April from other guys one of them she had sex with around the time we met (april) dont worry about how i know but i do. we met in march and i didn't ask her to be my girlfriend until may. so one time i asked her if she hooked up with any guys before we were official which i know she did and she lied to me and said no i dont think so when i know she did i just wanted her to tell me the truth but she lied. then she got real defensive and said "its none of your business". also i would like to mention she said she could possibly be bi-polar and she gets mad at me for everythingggg and very small things too and i always find myself apologizing. 2. she always says "you

also I forgot to mention she hits herself, throws things, punches things, has shoved me lightly when we argued before and I always end up apologizing even when I've done nothing wrong. i would also like to add that around the 4 month mark we weren't having sex as often we sometimes did it 3 times a day and we were only doing it like 1 time a week and she said it was because she was feeling depressed. I believed her and I didn't push it I never push her to have sex if she doesn't want to
also if we get into an argument and I leave or tell her I don't want to hangout she threatens to kill herself and I always wind up giving in and apologizing. it really annoys me when she does that


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  • It's not your fault, you're doing the best you can, but SHE'S the problem. The reason why she's not trusting you is because she herself know she HAS done things that would make HER untrustworthy. She's lied to you, has sex with someone when you were talking (nevertheless you said it's ok), she had done things untrustworthy, so in her mind, she's trying make herself the victim.

    • yes she always makes heself he victim. thanks for your resonse