Why is it okay for people to say that they want an attractive partner but unacceptable to say that thay want a rich spouse?


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  • I've never heard anyone object to someone saying, "I want my partner to be rich".

    context is important here


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  • guarantee you if a guy made a post asking if it was ok if he wanted a rich hot partner all the women would be asking

    "are you even attractive? do you have a high end job? are you super successful?"

    the reason being = all this equality this that nick nack patty wack bullshit it doesn't fucking exist. Nowadays gold diggers ages 16-30 are realizing they, for some reason, are really into the idea of getting pregnant AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to latch onto a man who can essentially do all the work for them while they stay at home mom, shop, and have fun.

    The problem I see here is the majority of people who make these posts " I just want a rich and handome guy is that so wrong" most of them ARE NOT LOOKING FOR AN EQUALLY BALANCED RELATIONSHIP.

    They want to be 80/20'd - hey I look good thats all we need to do! please provide rich man ;} welcome to 2016. They want the cake, to eat it, cut it and take it home - but they don't want to pay for it, thats their husbands job. If he wants some though, there's always next time, if he's still in the picture / can afford the cake.


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