Was I wrong to make other plans?

Yesterday was Valentine's Day and my boyfriend and I had plans to see eachother. He didn't text me for five hours so I thought he blew me off because he didn't clarify that we were still going to see eachother and I texted him and told him I made other plans. I ended up going to the movies with my friends and had a girls night. This afternoon he texted me saying he was on his way to my house to surprise me and that he was upset when I texted him to tell him that I made other plans even though he never texted me back. Is there any way I could fix our communication skills?


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  • Five hours from what? 6 am, 10 am, 1 pm. Either way though if your boyfriend had plans they should've been made known to you before hand that you would be spending the day together. Even if it was a text in the morning saying don't make plans for later. I remember dating a man who didn't call or text me all day so I was so shattered when I realized that I didn't have valentines days plans with a guy who I was supposed to be exclusive with. He ended up showing up about 7 or 8 with flowers and candy. I would never date a guy like that again but only because he is clueless for something so simple. If you are a 30 year old man and still clueless then it's a sign of more issues. Considering you're 20 I would ask him what he was thinking by not letting you know ahead of time what the plans were.

    • He did text me saying he wanted to see me apparently it was supposed to be a surprise. He usually texts me beforehand to let me know he is leaving but he didn't so I assumed he ditched me

    • Well that's your fault. It would have been better of you to text him back when you felt plans were changing instead of assuming. That's rude when he did text you saying he had a surprise.

    • He texted me that the next day.

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