What do I ask?

I want to ask a girl out and tell her how I feel how can I do this? What question should I ask? what do I do if she says yes?


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  • If you know and talk to her at all say something like, "Hey, I like talking to you. We should hang out this weekend." If she says yes, then exchange numbers and go from there.

    If you don't really talk to her or don't know her, you need to get to know her a little first and build rapport or else risk scaring her off.

    • I already have her number and we have hung out before with mutual friends. What should I do?

    • Well you can just bring up that you're planning on doing something and ask her to join you. She shouldn't be too put off since you've already hung out with her before. Just ask casually for the first time, then maybe you can tell her how you feel after a little while.

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  • Read the guide which is linked on my profile.