Is this 'the ugly truth' in our relationship?

I've been dating this guy who is nice and respectful to me for 4 months. Everything is going well, except for a few things.
First, like a month ago he told me he has no money at all, and I understood that it's his life pattern, not an exception. I don't want his money- I have a job and am OK, but it feels so awkward that the guy has no money-even for two cups of coffee. Declaring that now made me shocked, though I didn't show him I was. This happened again later. I had to pay for date.
Second, I have mixed emotions toward him. Sometimes I enjoy hugging and kissing him-sometimes I don't want him or his hand to touch me. I know he likes me a lot. Does this mean I should break up with him?


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  • You should talk to him why he never wants to pay his share for a date. I mean, everybody has money for a cup of coffee.
    Maybe you should ask yourself why you don't always enjoy hugging him etc. In what kind of situations? Are you embarrassed of him maybe?

    • He always pays, except a few times when I had to pay because hetold me he has no money. In my culture, this is embarrassing for man, especially if he is not your husband who has fallen in a bad crisis. He doesn't earn enough money I think, but it's embarrassing-still.
      As for emotions, I don't know- it may be related
      to finding that he was broke. I now know I'll not be receiving a gift on my birthday-lol.

    • I'm not sure what your culture is, but I think you're a little overreacting then. He isn't cheap, he just literally has no money. He probably feels embarrassed as well and tries to make the best of it. You could help him through these hard times for him or break up I guess.

  • If you don't want to attack his face 24/7 then you don't like him enough, this is something I live by.

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