We're has she been all my life? Please good answers?

I couldn't believe it at all, we have so much in common, pretty much everything. . I never ever net someone in my life and really does take time to talk to me, we met on instagram when she likes my post and followed, then I followed, I saw a post about her saying she's sad or something, so I asked her why, in the direct messege, she explained and she says no one ever understands her and everyone tried to get away from her.. and I'm like I'm the same thing..

We both love kpop and Korea, we both live in the same country, just in a different city witch is 1 hour away.. everything is so common, I can't believe it nor she can, we talk too much, usually I talk to someone and the day after they don't talk or I lose what to say... we've been talking for a week now and daily so much.. we talk about school and the problems and I try to help her and she's says I'm perfect and so much stuff... and we never talk without smileys.. she sends me screensshots of her one friend in school conversations and stuff.. that means she wants to talk, not like when I stop, she stops.. and also that she says everyone gets away and she think she's annoying me. . I am so happy... also, we do like everything the same, we understand each other sooooo much.. we're like clones inside..

I will be honest, though I hope she is pretty good looking.. I know it's stupid of me but I'd never seen what it's like to have that stuff.. this is the first time in life..


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  • That's literally the definition of a soulmate: you don't even know she exists until you meet her by chance and know that you are meant for each other.

    • Yes I know.. but like.. the stuff I can't belive no one does.. she does it too.. we both have no friends. . we both are bored and stuff all the time.. we both sings and dance like crazy when we're home alone and we do the same stuff st that time.. we both are anxious.. we both do so much stuff the same.. I really was surprised... I don't care if she's a soul mate or anything. .. all I care is to have an answer why da hell did I meet her now... she also doesn't talk to anyone and is silent..

    • Well there is no answer for that. It's just a crazy coincidence! And a lucky one, too.

    • :DDDDDD

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  • Wait, what do you want answered? Just sounds like you found a girlfriend/old guy.

    • Read what I wrote to the girl above... we're the same in everything..

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    • You should, she seems like a nice person.

    • Yes of she is.. we talk a lot. . but I think I should put a red line.. I don't wanna repeat stuff.. so I'm I don't know. .. well see.. thankss