She could be interested in me but not sure?

I have been talking and flirting with this girl for a few weeks now. We go to the same college and have the same friend circle. This past weekend I was out with friends went out drinking and dancing. When we got back to the house I slept on one of the couches. One of the girls that we went out with sat on the couch and said this is the couch she sleeps on. I had a blanket and she pulled it off me and currled up on the couch too. Its only a 2-3 person couch mine you. Would she sleep on the couch if she wasn't a little interested in me or felt comfortable around me? She hits me playfully if I do something or just out of the blue. She also tried to tickle me and Im not really ticklish where she was doing it. But she does have this thing going on with a guy, they sleep together and thats about it and talk. They dont go out to dinner and I know he didn't get anything for her on valentines day. I know the kid she has a thing with is going home for the next three weekends. What are your thoughts and how should I proceed?


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  • She probably likes you, just talk to her more see if you guys are compatible.


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