Is he worth my time?

I recently met a guy at a study hub at my college and I went up to him because I recognized him. It turns out, we went to school together several years ago (elementary school/early middle school) and we had a conversation about majors, music, and a bunch of other great topics. At the end of our interaction, I asked him to exchange phone numbers. I texted him two days later and we had a short convo about music, me being the last one to respond. Two days later, he texted me inviting me to an event he was at and said it would be fun, also saying "Bring friends!" I couldn't go, but I told him I wish I could and to invite me next time. Today I saw him and we talked briefly at the same place but he had to study so he couldn't sit with me (I asked) and he went off to the other end of the area to study, but beforehand he was being very friendly and even gently nudged me and walked with me over to where my workstation was and having a short conversation before going to another table. I texted him later today inviting him to a really cool concert event I wanted to go to for points in a class I was in and he replied that it sounded cool. He thanked me for thinking of him and said he didn't think he could because he had some plans this week. He also said "I'm sorry *my name*" and asked me how to sign up for the events for future reference. I have no idea whether he's actually interested/busy or not and I have no idea whether I should continue pursuing him (haven't liked anyone in a while). I'm worried he actually just isn't that into me and he lied about being busy, but I'm not sure. Is it worth trying to continue inviting him places etc?


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  • Right now, he's not picking up any of your signs. This could be because he's not interested, could be because he's interested in someone else, it could be because he's gay, or it could be because he just can't read hints.

    Either way, what you do from here on is entirely up to you.

  • First I'll admit that I'm pretty much a D**k, so take this with a grain of salt. IF YOU HAVE TO ASK IF HE'S WORTH YOUR TIME, he's not.

    People are animals and like wild animals we sense things, fear, peace, love, animosity, so if you have to ask if someone or something is worth your time, that is your mind or body, often referenced as your "Sub-conscience", telling you not to do something or get out of your situation.

    I will say that you could make it work and it could be great, but odds are that you'll end up in a self imposed emotionally abusive relationship.



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