Girls, how can I look hot for you and win your heart?


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  • Talk to me about something like economics, politics, fitness, etc. Be nice and don't stare at my breasts or ass the whole time.
    Make me laugh.

    Looks are important, but are probably like #7 on my top 10 things I look for in a partner.

    Clothing- Nice shirt and a pair of fitted dark blue jeans on a guy gets my attention. ;)

    • That's how I roll I talk to women about those things. I like to have deep things to talk about. So what you're saying is nice guys don't finish last?

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    • Well if I may say so your picture on you page is very nice. Your cute, sexy and hot all rolled into one.

    • Thank you. ^.^

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  • Be intelligent, funny, taller than me, fit and have big biceps.

    • I see where you are coming from would 5'11 be the perfect height for you I'm 5'11. Also would you go out with a guy who had a small gut but he's not fat.