Girls; Would it bother you if a guy you meet is still a virgin, or for that matter just doesn't have a lot of dating background?

Weird question, bare with me.

In a lot of ways I wouldn't call myself that attractive probably 5-7 in some girls books, I'm about 5ft 7 whiich I know isn't the best but I'm 20 years old, more of a awkward introvert type guy but from what I've been told I'm one of the sweet playful types - I'm more inclined for movie nights and cuddles than clubbing all night, I just try to live a happy quiet life.

The last six or so years haven't been the best, I've managed to get into four relationships but for the most cases I was just the third-forth option just there until someone better comes along which sucks.


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  • A lot of girls are still virgins too. They wouldn't mind. And those who attention virgins might like the fact they know they're the first and for the time being only. Only very vain people care about that kinda thing unless you're like 30 then people might think your weird

  • It wouldn't bother me. In fact I'd think it was cute because I'm the same way.


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