People judging my Valentines Day?

So my boyfriend didn't get me a Valentine present, which I'm totally okay with. Infact I told him not to. He has to fix his transmission in his car which is costing him well over a thousand dollars. I got him stuff cause I know he really wanted one of the things and I just wanted to get him something cute/meaningful for the other things. Everyone (including parents) are like oh what'd he get you? I say nothing and explain the situation, but they say rude things about him, or say how he should've gotten me something, or are just super judgmental toward it. I don't see why it matters. If I don't care why should they? I don't want anyone thinking badly of him for something so stupid or comments from people like "Oh, guess he didn't care that much about you" How can I get through their head there are bigger things than Valentines, it doesn't define our relationship, and to stop thinking so badly about him because of something that doesn't matter?


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  • wow people are morons

    There's such things as priorities and replacing that clutch (if it's auto transmission he loses points tbh haha) is far more important than a cheesy holiday

    respect to your boyfriend and you for being mature, just tell those people to fuck off


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  • Because people love running their mouths when they see a possibly 'negative' situation that doesn't involve them. Don't let it get to you.

    None of those people are in the relationship so not in a position to pass judgement. I bet a lot of them are also single af, so not the most knowledgeable.
    Just leave it to them to worry about issues that will surely plague them if they feel like how much money a guy spends on you equates to how much he cares.


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  • Even the sage wisdom of our mothers can't figure out the commercialized nuances of Valentine's Day.

    You are clearly a smart girl who grew up with freedom and rights and surrounded by an economic environment where both genders must work to make ends meet. That's a fact that people, especially parents, grandparents, and beneficiaries of traditional institutions can't fucking get.

    My mother, I love her, but it's embarrassing how much stock she puts in hallmark holidays such as V-Day. Embarassing. She can't feel happy unless she gets something. No sense can change her attitude.

    Keep fighting the good fight. Eventually the old way of doing things will die, because economic realities are too salient to ignore forever.

  • I don't celebrate Valentine's Day really, so if you were my girlfriend you wouldn't get anything even if I had the money. And I wouldn't want anything in return.


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