How often should my significant other and I text?

My partner and I have been dating 7 months and we're still not out of that puppy love phase. Ever since day one we've texted ALL day. Now I'm out of town for work for 3 months and it's just gotten worse.

Now when we don't text for a few hours in one day, I feel bad, offended, jealous or sad. Even though I know he/she has other things beside me.

  • About an hour is enough to say hi and make sure all is good.
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  • A few minutes everyday just to check in.
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  • A few hours everyday is perfect to catchup and talk.
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  • All day, it's good to stay connected and keep in touch.
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  • Once every couple of days when something has to be talked about.
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  • Only when something has to be said, could be a week or longer.
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  • Unsure/see answers
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  • You don't need to be in contact all day. My ldr worked when we set aside an hour a day at the end of the night and call each other. Wasn't every night we were both busy during the day I was in college he worked so there was a couple text through the day like good mornings when we got up or a random thought. We didn't even talk every night sometimes we were tired or working late. As long as it was a couple hours a week. Long distance is always harder but if they matter you'll make it work


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  • Texting all day does not seem healthy at all. You need to be experiencing life & independence without staring at a phone screen constantly. Plus what the hell is there to talk about all day? I was in a long distance relationship for 2 years with my now husband we would send a text here or there during the day then talk on the phone for about an hour at night.


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