Is there a right way to tell someone how you feel about them?

I've been crushing on this girl since the 7th grade we are 21 now.. well I am she's 20. We've never were like hang out after school or meet up and hang out with type friends. We were hey how are you and hang out and walk together sometimes in the hallway type friends we would text during high school but it was like I don't know if she could tell I liked her a lot so if she noticed I was catching feelings or something it seemed like we would just stop texting.. We were ig school friends you could say like if someone said they knew me she probably wouldn't say that's my friend probably would say yeah I know him I go to school with him I don't know you get it lol.. ok so school is over and i don't talk to her for 2 years we kinda reconnect I talked to her back and forth a little bit on snapchat I also told her how I had a huge crush on her when we were in middle school I'm not sure if said high school or night and don't even remember her response snapchat kinda fucks you with deleting the messages sometimes so I don't remember she said it wasn't a bad thing I don't think because by her being my crush it would have crushed me lol. But she could have just gave me a friendly aww type thing I really have no idea.. But any way few months go past we hang out first time out of a school environment and just talked and caught up.. We have hung out about 4-5 times I haven't really made any move on her and I'm not even sure if she thinks I like her anymore... Or if she likes me I get a huge feeling she does but like I want to tell her how... I don't want to be her friend, I want to be your best friend I want to know what's on the inside not the person Ik from school who I saw around school who I now hangout with smoke a blunt with maybe and just talk about pretty much everything that comes to mind, I really do actually care for this girl but I don't know what would be the right words


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  • The best way is to say it directly and don't beat around the bush or use inuendos. You don't want any possibility of her not understanding