Upset girlfriend please help me asap ?

Last night i set up all this stuff for my girlfriend for v-day. I was a bit late getting there. Anyway it was going good but then i told her i saw her roomate at a bar and introduced her to my brother.

Her roomates are super rude to her , they dont answer her texts they exclude her all the time so she got mad at me because i was talking to them like everything was good then she went to sleep.

Then i over reacted a ton and packed up my shit and went to leave but then i left my bag and just took a walk. When i came back she was awake and crying and door was locked but she let me in.

This morning she was cool but then remembered she was mad at me and went to work.

We are supposed to go to bermuda tomo and she said she didn't want to sleep over tn so i said ok she said shed meet me at the airport i said ok

Now she is like im not really even down to go. She doesn't want to go on the trip and is mad at me.

I love her so much and i'm freaking out

please help me


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  • Honestly, this sounds a little immature to me. She is mad at you for introducing your brother to her roommate? So for helping your brother out, she is mad?

  • Tell her she's overreacting, it's freakin' bermuda!
    No, tell her you're sorry there was a miscommunication but your intent was not to hurt her feelings. If she's an adult, she'll be willing to have a conversation and calm down enough to go on the trip. Good luck dude.


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