Long distance relationship - should I try?

I met a guy on January 9th and we hit it off we have been dating ever since. Only think is he left a week after meeting him he left to oklahoma. We decided to try to make things worse. However, its been so hard for me. Weve been fighting a lot and i think its mainly because of me. To top it all off he works night shift. We argue about him not making time to talk to me or him putting his friends before me. I dont know if its because we haven't been dating that long but i really like him and i want it to work between us and he says the same thing. Our main fight usally is because he doesn't show enough emotion and i show too much which he finds annoying. I am supposed to go see him in a couple days and im excited to see him but at the same time scared it may be the end of us if things dont go to my expectations. My question is should we try to make things work or is it just pointless.

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  • I say when you go see him, have a super honest conversation with him about how, if he's interested in having a relationship with you, he needs to put a little more into the communication/affection part of it. It's totally hard because you two are in the beginning stages of the relationship AND far apart, but I wouldn't say totally give up on it. Wait and see how he reacts to your visit. Good luck girl!

    • Thats what I was thinking, and whats even harder it isn't as if he doesn't try its just our schedule conflicts for examples he's at work right now ill be at work in the morning its just so complicated it makes me want to walk away but i like him enough to also want to keep trying what a struggle.

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    • thank you for your advice, i really appreciate it.

    • I hope everything works out great!

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  • Just end it. Don't drag it out and waste his time. You'll cheat on him, grow distant and the whole thing will unravel. Save his time and yours and just end it.

    • I have no intentions of cheating on him, if i was going to do it i would've done it already lol. its more of whether or not the headache and stress is worth it but i think thats something i might have to figure out with a little more time

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    • Not my problem if you can't handle the truth.

    • boy bye I'm being polite.. your advice was not helpful have a good one

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