How can I get pretty girls attention?

I'm gonna say I'm not the handsomest guy , I'm not ugly either but man I'm the gentlest caring guy ever. It's like certain girls are very attractive to me I don't chase after every girl I acknowledge the beauty but that's about it but there's certain ones when I see them. It's like my heart is telling my brain look I want her we gotta have her. Sometimes if I'm strong enough I have the courage to say hi or something but I'm just quiet and shy so I guess I give off that vibe that I don't want them around or I'm sad. Either way that's how they see me but on the inside I'm jumping up and down my face must naturally looks angry or upset so some girls are scared off cuz of it. I try to smile but it just doesn't feel right cuz it isn't me , it isn't genuine. I'll smile if It happens though.

the way I used to get girls was I'd speak sometimes but not all the time , since guys are always in there face anyway I felt as though she'll notice me more if I didn't speak as much. Most of the time that intrigued a girl and she wanted to get to know ne more. But that doesn't work anymore and also in starting to realize those were girls who had shit fucked up upstairs in the head. I'd suffer the consequences later for dealing with then.

anyways I just want to get who I want even though I know it's not always possible. What can I do to draw the attention from my "mean looking face"


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  • That approach that used to work, is actually really effective at high school. Girls that age find quiet guys interesting and mysterious. It wears off after however. If I was you I would just be yourself. Also don't beat yourself up, if a girl is not interested in you. she's just not your type obviously. However most girls are usually attracted to confident guys. But you can be confident and quiet. I think you just need some confidence and you will be fine :) Keep trying there will always be a good looking girl for you :)

    • Yeah you're right it was my approach in high school lol I'm in college now it kind of works because girls think it's still cute to be quiet and shy & mysterious because they check me out but they won't say anything they want me to approach.

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    • Don't think that girls are to good for you. Just own it and be positive with yourself. Think to yourself "Any girl would be lucky to have me", "Im the best kind of a guy out there".

    • I'd never do that so she can feel herself , yeah right lol

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