Went on a date tonight?

What's a good tell tale that the date went well?
He paid for dinner for all of us (I had to bring my younger sister for unrelated circumstances=he asked me last minute) and we had great conversation and we talked for about two hours straight. He remembered that I couldn't have certain foods and told the preparer. It was a nice time. He made sure to include my sister and made sure she knew it wasn't a bother to have her there. At the end of the night he told my sister it was nice to meet her and he'll see her soon and thanked us for coming out (he's Mexican, 29, and very polite and gentleman like). He told me text me when you are home and we said goodnight. I mean keeping the circumstances in mind did this go well?

And it's a corny thing but should I wait for him to text me to see if he's interested and see what he thinks?


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  • Sounds like it went well; he remembered specific details about you, he's trying to get to know/make your sister feel comfortable, he wanted to make sure you got home safely, etc

    • And I texted him when I got home and just said I really appreciate what he did for my sister and I appreciated the whole night. Than I said maybe we can do it again sometime soon. And he said sure hit me up whenever. I know I'm reading to much into it but does that mean he's interested or kinda like yeah sure...