I got total anxiety attack when going into a group study thing with a girl that I was going to ask out. she likes me and I like her. but I went mute?

Worse day ever. i felt like shit. cuz i couldnt even say anything to her. but i think it was stress cuz my parenmts whose mom just died also was at odds at me so i was feeling a lot of stuff. not to mention i had a lot of work due. Should i not ask her out anymore and get my nervous ness down. i think it is just me. I went to a party with her earlier in the weekend but didn't really interact with you. Did i get beta -ed turns out their friens were tryighn to hook us up. but feel like shit towards myself now. Im not even a man.


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  • It's fine. You got an anxiety attack... so what?
    You can try again.

    I am sorry about your problems though.


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