Our friend group wants us to get together, we are actually a good match, we both flirted a bit, but this may be a terrible time in my life right now?

Do I ask her out to date still and tell her upfront that I am going through a lot (grandma died, not getting along with parents, ambitious ideas that require a lot of time) so she seems to really like me. ANd i actually PUT off asking her out. I should have at the part, but i didn't. But now i want to just take her on a date to see how things are. How serious does she want a relationship to get? Do I ask her this? I may be better at feelings than her (atleast over text so im not really sure). This is my first encoutner with girls and im in college and a lot of shit happening around me so I am really just at a loss here :(*. Just let me know what I should do.

Is it even fine to see her maybe couple days a week when we start dating (if we start dating) instead of everyday? Once a week? More or less? And sex is a whole another thing right now.


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  • No one can tell you how serious she wants the relationship to get. If you want to take her out, take her out. Be clear that you like her but that you're not ready to do more than date since there is a lot going on in your life right now.


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  • Well kudos to you for being smart enough to realize you're facing issues and thinking this over. But it's best you inform her of this. Don't just avoid her. Tell her. Who knows, perhaps she can be understanding and maybe even supportive.

    • yeah. i told her a little bit of what im going through. so should I set up a date and discuss this stuff with her? She does make me happy (and horny, she turned me on by subtle flirting!) but again, I just dont want to not be on the same page ya know? And what about her (mutual) friends.. they were TRYING to get us together or helping me more like it. And i felt so low but I knew what they were doing lol. I just was not in the happy mood to ask her out>>And so here i am.

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    • So, ask her out, tell her my circumstances, and then ask her what she thinks? She did a lot of touching flirting so what does that mean? How can i tell if the relationship she seeks is short term, long term, casual , etc, other than asking her? or is asking her the only way

    • I think it's best to simply explain the situation as is and then see where it goes.

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