Would this sound desperate/weird?

I like this guy and I think he likes me. We have a lot of classes together and we talk and laughed a lot together sometimes.
He mentioned how a program we were using confused him and I should help him sometime. I don't have his number and don't se him until tomorrow and I'm bored so would this be a good idea?:

I could message him through school email saying "Hi -name-! Let me know if you still need help learning Unity (the program) because I'm totally lost on the programming project and could use some help. My cell is "..." Thanks!

ok I sent it now I'm dying inside. pls respond. scream


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  • No, I say go for it, nothing wrong with reaching out, even if you don't get into anything romantic, it's always nice making friends.


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  • Nothing wrong with that message.
    What happened? Did he respond?

    • he responded saying he could help so I asked if he ate lunch already because we could meet at the cafeteria place and he said he already ate and asked if I needed the project done today or if we could meet tomorrow instead. so i said tomorrow is ok, maybe after class. then he said "perfect, im free all day tomorrow"
      now I'm scared itll be awkward ahhhh

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  • You can e-mail him but if you're uncomfortable with that, you can give him your number tomorrow when you see him. While you're helping him, say "Here's my number. Feel free to contact me anytime."

    He should get the hint.

  • Go for it


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