Would you have sex with a girl if she had 'Hammeriods'?

Im 24 year old female virgin, recently very recently met a cool nice guy, but knowing my condition in my pants never really made me realise if i got to be intiment with a guy one day and never realised if this can be a major deal breaker?

for starters i keep my vigina and anus very clean and neat but when i open my legs my hammeriods are very visible...

I would get a doctor but can't afford medical issues as im pretty broke.


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  • It's a huuuuge deal breaker, but just get it checked out before. It can put the mind at ease.


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  • Ohhhhh haha hemorrhoids.

    I thought you were being cute and combining hammer + periods, like "periods that hurt so bad it's like a hammer".

    • Your point?

    • You might want to update the question?

      You should see a doc, I'd imagine this would be awfully offputting to most people.

    • I have seen a doctor already but the actual problem is that i can't afford medical health issues, iv tried taking pulls and oiments

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  • It can be however make sure you're taking the proper care for it. These things happen

  • The fuck is a "hmmeroid"?

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