Girls I need your advice and help. is this one of your shit test?

So i am apparently a "friends with benefit" with a girl I like a lot. I took her out on Valentines date and she liked everything we did. We have known each other now for about 3.5 weeks. Mostly she comes over and we end up having sex and it was since first date when she started it first not me. So, I like her a lot. But on Valentines day, she told me, when we started speaking somehow bout relationships or something... She told me straight up like that she doesn't want to have relationships right now and she would like to be free and she's not ready for a relationship... I asked her that if she's scared and she said yes. She also told me like that this our thing is soon gonna end and she wants me to be prepared for her and not count on her that we could have something really good.

I told her that everything I been doing spoiling her and complimenting her on small things, I told her that all these things I am showing to you what you are going to get when you be with me if you decide to. I ain't no boy and I am man who can take care of you... So girls I really need your advices and help! Is this somekind of shit test? I mean we have started to get to know each other a lot and she seems very comfortable around me and she's always hugging me or sitting on my lap when I am sitting by this computer lol. she's like girlfriend material. She always comes to sleep over at my places and all... I think she is scared of commitment... What can I do ?


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  • She said that she doesn't want a relationship. She warned you to be prepared that this will end soon. What more do you need to know? I assume you like her and I assume you are trying to change her mind? Let me tell you that most girls can do the friends with benefit thing, she will probably catch feelings for you but the question is whether she will pull out or not. You have only known her for 3.5 weeks, that's not much. If you want to make her commit then be yourself and get to know her. Bond with her. If she won't change her mind then you can't do anything about it but you are taking a risk right now that might get you hurt in the end. Personally I don't believe in ever giving up so if you truly want her then do what you can.

    • Most girls CAN'T*

    • Alright :) I mean I been just myself with her. I even surprise her sometimes with flowers and I took her out to a nice place and she liked all that. We got a lot in common too. On Valentines day I even made her hand made card specially for her with her favorite color on it too. I told her im not gonna pressure her into anything.

    • That sounds good!

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