Who would you go for, Someone who is just good looking but have the most ugliest personality or someone who disable but have most awesome personality?

I mean no offence with that question, I will rather want go with someone who is disable that have good personality, the personality that I can connect with, because they are the people who doesn't care about society, doesn't care about what people think and they are real ;)


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  • I'd rather be single. It's easier.

    • Oh single lady, single all your life? Right, I'm sure you have to wait for person to come to your life :D

What Guys Said 1

  • Like how disabled? That might sound like an insensitive question, but you asked...

    • Yeah you think, I don't know I think I'm not explaining the right questions, I take down the post :D

    • No i mean like is she in a wheelchair with no use of her legs or arms and has to talk with a voice machine like Stephen Hawking?
      Or is she just deaf and communicates with sign?
      Huge difference there...

    • Aw right, any you like, I'm sure you have a friend who disable, to be honest, I'm half deaf and I do sign language, I rather want to date who disable, just do sign languages you know, I usually date people who not disable and bit bad for me, like it doesn't work out well

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