17 and 21... is that a huge age difference?

17 year old girl

21 year old guy

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Having been in a relationship for a little over a year with that age difference from 16 to 17 I'd say yes.

    You are at different stages in your life one is in high school and one is drinking age. I'm so glad my ex boyfriend and I broke up the summer before my senior year. I got to finally have true high school experiences with people my own age.

    I mean other girls in my school my age were dating guys his age and we hung out but it wasn't the same as having the solid pack of friends we all formed senior year and kept up with for many years after college.

    My younger sister started dating a 21 year old when she was going into Senior year and I was kinda sad for her. The school didn't allow him to go to prom with her so she went alone. He did hang with her friends and her best friend allayed his best friend so her situation was a little better.

    He boyfriend was a good guy. I liked him even though he was 4 years older than her. I got to know him well. But once she went to college he started bossing her roommates around and they eventually broke up.

    • Couldn't you have had both? Couldn't you have had your pack of friends your age plus had an older boyfriend?

    • And did you find dating guys your age was better than dating an older guy?

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  • i wouldn't have hit it at 21. 18 sure


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  • NOPE! I was 15 dating a 21 yr old. I also know a 18 year old guy living with his 25 year old girlfriend... if it works, who are we to judge?

    • And you are 40 now?

    • Yep, and I am with a 48 year old.

      The 18yr old guy I know is my friends son.

  • My fiancée is 13 years older than me.

  • Kind of. Thats like a highschool freshman going out with a college freshman😶

  • No it's not. It's perfectly fine

    • Of course you say that... you are 17 yourself

    • That's not why I say that. I say it because it's hardly a age difference. Also age shouldn't really matter all that much

  • It's not, obviously, "a huge age difference," but it IS a huge conceptual difference. At 21 you know things that did not even vaguely occur to you at 17. If you asked if the age difference between 21 and 26 is or 30 and 35 I'd probably say the same thing since those are usually critical conceptual gaps.

    • In terms of dating and sexual activity, do you see anything wrong with the age gap?

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    • The sex was legal and consensual. She was 16 at the time and I was 20. But what about morally and ethically?


  • I'm 21, my boyfriend 27, and I know couples with over 20 years of age difference. So no, it's nothing special.


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