Is he still interessted?

Hi guys,
to keep it short I recently had the guts to write a guy a message on facebook. We go to the same school he is 12th grade while I am 11th. So I wrote him, he answered after some time and even said that we should meet in the first break. So we did. We talked, we looked in each others eyes on each others lips and he did touch my shoulder, too. Now I wrote him and he answered really late. He doesn't really ask anything back but when we left the brake he said I could text him anytime. Maybe he is busy. What do you guys think?


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  • Well, go ahead and text him. He said you can anytime so take that as an opportunity. Maybe he's not much of a texter so that's probably why he suggested you two meet up. I know some people are like that so if he doesn't respond, maybe you should offer to hang out again and see what he says from that.

  • He's probably busy

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