GIRLS! does this annoy you?

Okay Girl talk here
If you have a boyfriend i can almost be sure that he has a girl friend that you dislike.

In my case, my boyfriend has a whore girl friend and she is pretty, and we dislike each other and im almost sure she flirts with my boyfriend, and sometimes he chooses her over me and he finds her attractive, obviously he doesn't tell me because that would be so damn crazy and rude. But i don't like this girl and i don't know how to deal with these toxic parasites that name themselves as "your boyfriend's girl friend"

What is your case? Share your opinion


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  • I honestly don't mind my boyfriend's girl friends. I trust my boyfriend and I know he's not doing anything he can't tell me about, just as I'm positive he would never accept any sort of romantic advances from any of them.

    But if your boyfriend is attracted to his friends and flirts with them, that's a problem.

  • Ugh, I know what you're talking about. I had an ex who was really good friends with this girl who he used to date then later hook up with. I was whatever for awhile because I knew I was better and also she became ugly and fat.
    I hated her because she would try to undermine our relationship when they were hanging out and acted straight up like a bitch even though I was cordial to her.
    We had a good amount of fights about her... anyways, long story short I broke up with him and life is good again. 👍