Ex suddenly asked me if I have a new boyfriend. Why?

We broke up 1 month and half ago and now we don't talk so much.
3 days ago I changed my photo profile in whatsapp. Is a photo of me and my male FRIEND.

First he asked me how I am and then he asked me if I have a new boyfriend.
Should I reply?


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  • There's probably some jealousy there and concern if you have moved on already. Since he's your ex and haven't been talking much - it's up to you if you want to continue talking to him. Can you be just friends with him? When you enter into another relationship are you going to want to explain who he is to your new guy? .. Just some things to think about.


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  • A popular question with one opinion lol
    Either jealous, trying to get back, or just keeping tabs on ya for whatever reason


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