Does he like me?

This guy has recently has been talking to me a lot during class. Sometimes the conversations are completely pointless. He's always listening to my conversations with other people and jumping into them. But today I was talking to my friend, right next to me, and he was telling me to be quiet and I wasn't even loud. Later on, we were doing partner work and I was asking one of my other friends a question and he turned around and was saying I was too loud, once again I wasn't loud at all- he never talks like that to anyone. I don't get it. He was trying to talk to me the other day but some girl kept getting in the conversation but I could see him looking at me every couple second to see if I was listening. Does he like me or something?


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  • No, he doesn't necessarily like you. He simply wanted you to be quiet in order to pay attention to the lesson. That's all.

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