Girls, How Would You Like to Be Approached by a Guy?

So I take online college classes due to my work schedule, and I've learned that I'm not going to find a girl sitting in my house haha. I've thought about going out to meet girls but it's hard because I'm 18 so I can't go to bars and I also have zero friends (i know) so my options are pretty limited.

I really want to get out there though so here are my questions,
1) where should I go to meet girls my age (both night & day) besides the obvious (school & social clubs)?
2) if an attractive (not super attractive but relatively), intersting and smart guy approaches you and is totally honest in why he came up and talked to you and asked you out for coffee, would you be annoyed/embarrased/pissed if you're with your friend or a group of friends? like if it's just for a short 5 minutes and the guy isn't being a jerk.
3) how would you want to be approached if you're hanging with your friends?
4) if I go up and talk to a girl, I would probably just be like "hey I saw you sitting here and I thought you were kinda cute" and then introduce myself then talk for a couple of minutes before asking her out for a cup of coffee to get to know her better. I do this because it's what's on my mind, it's true, and it's easy. would you like it if you were approached like this or not like it?



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  • 1) Gym, try to find a club of some sort, take some classes like painting, cooking, or something creative and you should see some ladies.
    2) That would totally be fine with me, maybe after you introduce yourself see if she wants to walk a couple feet away and then ask her out.