Awkward first kiss? Will there be another date?

So I went on my sixth date with this guy. He finally kissed me, but it was the most awkward thing. For me at least. I went in for a hug, but he kissed the corner of my mouth. Once I got what we were doing, I tried again, but we just got the corners of each others mouths again. I left his car after I fumbled to gather my things for what felt like forever, but I think he was watching me as I left. I think he kinda laughed when I couldn't shut the freaking car door either. I was a hot mess. I'm wondering if there will be another date after this one, because I do like this guy. I want to try that kiss again, and I want to text it to him. But I don't want to come across as needy or desperate, God forbid! Help!


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  • Well you've done 6 dates already, he must be interested especially since he initiated a kiss (however awkward it may have been).
    I think you're in pretty good shape from the sound of it, I think sending the text would be a good thing. Definitely incorporate humor, ask when he's available to go out again, and work on synchronizing your kisses again or something goofy like that.
    He was the one who tried to kiss you first, so he obviously wants it. He may be feeling unsure because of the awkwardness too, so addressing that part of it head on and with a sense of humor is the way to go.
    Look at it this way... if things work out and you all are together for a while, maybe that corner-of-the-mouth kiss will turn into a running joke between the two of you :-)

    Have fun and don't worry about it, you won't sound needy or desperate. You're good.

    • I think so. But, after that second try for a kiss I kinda started laughing, and said, "This is so awkward." He looked slightly frustrated when I said that, but laughed after when I couldn't shut the darn door... I laughed out if nervousness. Not him.

    • Yeah it's definitely the sort of thing you guys will be able to laugh about for a long time :-)
      Do text him though, just to make sure he knows you're still interested and that you weren't laughing at him.

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  • I'd be surprised if there wasn't.

    • I think there will be. I texted him how I hoped to try again, and he agreed.

  • He might have thought it was cute

    • I hope to God he did. I was super nervous. That was my first ever kiss, but he's older and has more experience than me.

    • I don't think you have much to worry about. If you had 6 dates already, he must be into you. :)