Girls, Why do I always have to wait for women to to to talk/flirt to me before I talk/ flirt? Women?

Always when I start having a conversation and it seems to go somewhere I end up losing intrest because I am busting my butt to much just to get a women on a date or I think the ego smells and she iriatates me. This gets frustrating but I am starting to think women deal with low confidence, cockiness, ego just like guys. Is this possible what are my solutions?


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  • Women have feelings and emotions and varied mental states? Who ever would have thought! You had better call the press on that one - sounds like breaking news to me.

    • Of course I know that and I will also take a look at it but please don't make this about me being sexist because I am not. I just think it would be easy knowing that most men only have one thing on their mind.

    • Right, because limiting an entire gender to a stereotype is not at all sexist.

    • Ok you both are right it is sexist and generalizing. I was being pessimistic when I was thinking about this and every one is different. I will try to be more opened minded before I make a judgment.