Weird contact pattern: lost interest?

So I met this guy online, I like him a lot. We texted and snapchatted for about two weeks, pretty consistent contact but not overwhelming and I only *replied* except once when I initiated. He asked me out, I rejected it the first time for schedule reasons and we met up a couple days later. I felt the date went really well. He lingered on the goodbye, conversation flowed easily and we were laughing at each other's jokes. There were times he made intense eye contact, other times he seemed to be avoiding my eyes. Anyway, he is taking the Bar exam this week. I did not hear a lot from him. We texted after the date, and then I initiated contact once more after a few days. He will sometimes send me snaps out of the blue, but that seems to be the only way he's initiating, sometimes I reply sometimes I don't. He has been MIA mostly from the site we met on, only logging on once every few days. I don't want to bother him with a text or anything until after the Bar since I know how high pressure it is, I'm a beginning law student myself.

Basically my question is if he is still interested, wouldn't I be hearing from him more? Unless he believes the odd snapchat is his way of initiating, which I don't agree with. I don't want to bother him by initating texts (if I do, it'll be the third time I've had to). I just want to know from a guy's (or girl's) POV if I'd be making a fool of myself reaching out.

I am pretty direct, though I think I've hid that well so far from him, and I don't want to be playing games here only to be disappointed months down the line if he doesn't feel the same. He even said he didn't think I liked him very much, but I don't know if that was his way of "playing" me into revealing feelings or if he honestly felt that way.


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  • I am sort of in the same boat. Last contact was technically initiated by me, he replies but then he would continue the conversation the next day and so on, it's been a week like this.
    I don't know if they lost interest or not, kinda wish they'd just tell us? Or just ignore us all together, not send weird snaps or whatever :/

    • Hopefully I can help you now haha. So I ended up getting sick of the back and forth so I basically just said "I'd love to see you again, if it's not mutual no problem, just wanted to be direct". And he never replied!!! Haha lucky for me I wasn't too invested so I'm already talking to other guys but still. Annoying as sh*t like be a man, tell me either way before I have to do that. Ah well, good luck with your issue!

    • Men are such idiots... -_- glad you got yours sorted out!