We are confused if we want to be in a relationship or not, is this worth pursuing?

I told him im confused. He told me he doesn't know more than me also.

I guess im confused because i dont feel the assurance and sense of security from him. Although we are dating, he is still talking to other girls which im quite sure includes flirting. He's not making an effort for me but at the same time doesn't want to lose me.

Should I have a serious talk with him? Or just wait it out?

We've been dating for almost 2 months now and isn't it if a guy is confused means he doesn't want to be in relationship?


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  • I agree with you. A serious talk with him sounds ideal. Maybe all these confusions are just misunderstandings. If nothing comes from the serious talk and you guys remain nothing, at least you know it's meant to be nothing without any doubts lingering.