He says he likes me but I am pushy he won't explain it so what would you do?

I asked him to clarify if I text too much which is like nothing one day then Maybe two texts sometimes three days pass I don't reach out.

Then em I asked if I advance too much while we hang out with little kisses and
he said forget it you don't understand. Don't worry about it. So I said sorry if I am pushy but good you could communicate I can work on it. Now I am leaving it alone to not be pushy. He speaks Spanish and English is his second language which he is good at but I am guessing it is a interpretation deal. Or he isn't feeling up to that convo. I am gonna let it go for now and just be open to new people. And he can decide if he wants to talk to me so we can work stuff out.


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  • Maybe he dislikes being asked too many questions? I assume it's misunderstandings most of the time. Let it go. You aren't together together right? Get to know some new people.

    • We are barely starting to hang out and we are not like an official couple so I am open to other people. I did it before dated others and he begged to have another chance with me. To show he will be different. I think since English is his second language and yes I know Spanish but English works best for us. I get that lots of questions and asking about subtle differences like too deep of analyzing something is probably a lot to translate and exhausting. Like what do u mean when u say that too often might be frustrating. Might seem pushy.

    • I also asked if I have too high of a sex drive. Cause we are hanging out casually and he knows from the minute I show up I want him! I think he is used to being the one making the moves but there is an age diff and I am older and he is used to females that are not like that I think. Lol