Is This Considered To Be Slutty?

I was invited to a "get together" and met a new guy. We were talking and getting to know each other, he was very sweet. I told him I had a boyfriend but wasn't happy. I explained to him why I wasn't happy and he told me that I don't deserve to feel this way. we spent that whole night talking and joking around. We also exchanged numbers.

Right when I was getting ready to leave, he hugged me and we ended up kissing on the lips ( it was a tap kiss)

Was this wrong? I really was into this guy...

Is this slutty like?


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  • to me, a slut is someone (male or female) who makes a habit of having sex with people that they have no emotional attachment to, for no reason other than to have sex.

    you didn't have sex, and you were emotionally invested in this guy, to some degree, before you kissed. this experience does not qualify you as a slut in my opinion.


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  • what do you think of it? I kiss my ex on the cheek every time we hang out, and I think nothing of it, because I know it is of no consequence. Was it innocent? or did you do it for other reasons?

  • its cheating, but as long as you plan on telling your boyfriend or plan to break up with him then no. we are all passionate people. so when we meet somebody we should have respect for the other person to be honest to them.

  • it's slutty


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