Do you think he will ask me out again?

I went out on a first date with this guy a few days ago, he texted me since but hasn't asked me out. During the date he said he would like to go out again but since he only texted (I replied to most of his texts but not all) and he hasn't asked me out yet. I would like to see him a second time but don't wanna ask him out or text him first, sounds stupid but that's the way I am, I'm too afraid of getting rejected. Do you think he is stringing me along or could the reason be that he hasn't asked me out again?

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What Guys Said 1

  • This question isn't very clear at all honestly. Just ask him if he'd like to go out with you to a film you want to see or something - literally just hey wanna go see "x" at the cinema, you don't need to make it a love letter

    • What don't you get about it?

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    • It was supposed to be do you think he will ask me out yes or no or do you think he is stringing me along as in just messaging me without planning on asking me out again

    • Ahh ok. I have no idea, drop hints about things you'd like to do ie films or cafes etc

What Girls Said 1

  • How many days it has been when you last saw each other?

    • 4 days

    • He should invite you soon enough. If still he didn't invite you for a second date, try to ask him if he wants to meet up. No harm in asking out 😊

      Some guys are shy to ask for a second date, simply because they dont want to look clingy. Yes. Guys do think of that too.

    • That's what's confusing during the date he kept mentioning meeting again and he's been messaging me since but still didn't ask me out :/